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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spot Subtopic Form 4 Final Exam for all school

Paper 2
Section A
Q1. Periodic Table, Transition Elements, Group 18 Elements and Usage
Q2. Ionic and Covalent Bond, Diagrams
Q3. Electrolysis with factor type of electrodes / concentration @ Extraction of Aluminium Oxide
Q4. pH with Acid and Alkali, Definition of Strong / weak Acid
Q5. Neutralisation and Calculation, NaOH + H2SO4, 
Q6. Empirical Formula MgO / CuO

Section B & C
Q1. Ionic and Covalent Bond Essay with Diagrams
Q2. Reactivity and Chemical Properties of Group 1 and Group 17
Q3. Electrochemistry with Purification, Electroplating and Chemical Cell
Q4. Preparation of Soluble Salt CuSO4, Test Pb2+, Zn2+ ions and NO3-, Cl- ions @ Contact process / Haber Process

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