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Monday, October 27, 2014

Sample essay-A terrifying experience

I have always on mind a trip with my class when I was in high school. Normally, when you travel with your class to a foreign country, you have fun. But the visit to the concentration camps in Poland was not funny at all. I was just sixteen years old and I didn’t know if I was enough strong in my head but I thought it was a good opportunity to do it. I had already seen movies or pictures from these terrible places. Nevertheless it’s not the same thing when you are inside. I remember the first time we arrived at Auschwitz 1, the concentration camp and Auschwitz 2, the extermination camp. The first question came to my mind was, “how could such a place exist?” Little by little as I continued the visit, I realized that my family is the most important thing that I can have in my life. A lot of survivors lost their entire family in one of these camps. I will always remember gas chambers, and also crematoriums where “prisoners’’ were burned after gasification. Imagine just one instant a room full of innocent people where a toxic gas was put in to kill them all. I learned some of them were burned alive in the crematoriums. When I saw that, I questioned myself, “How was it possible? Where was God at this moment?” One of the worst camps I visited was Majdanek; the entrance was terrifying. It was a long road underground, and at the end of this road, I went up stairs and then once at the top I saw the camp. Inside of this camp I will never forget a room where Nazi doctors used to test projects on human bodies, dead or alive. And yes I am talking about human not animals. When I saw this room I just wanted to leave this place. It was not a nightmare but something real happened 66 years ago. Finally, when I was younger I thought that history was boring. Since this trip, I have given it more importance. I have realized that we don’t have to make the same mistakes of the past. I paid more attention to my history classes and...

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