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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Continued Spot Tips Trial Physics Kedah SPM 2010

Energy convertion,logic gate,parallel circuit,ripple tank,light refraction,motor
Specific heat capacity,wave,convex lense,overhead projector,Boyle law

Ramalan for Trial Exam SPM 2010 Physics Kertas 2 (Kedah)

Paper II
Linear motion / inertia
Bernoulli / Achimedes / Atmospheric pressure
Latent heat/gas law
Curve mirror/total internal reflection /lenses
Wave (diffraction/interference)
Emf,internal resistance,ohm law,ac current/electromagnet induction,fleming right hand rule
Electronics-C.R.O, rectification/transistor/dynamo/transformer
Radioactive-Nuclear fission/fussion,e=mc2/half life

Monday, September 20, 2010

UPSR 2010 Science Spot Tips

Ramalan Sains UPSR 2010
Basic needs,moon phase,plants response to stimulus,living extreme climate,living things microb,food web,acis & alkaline,rusting,food preservative,machine,electricity

UPSR 2010 Bahasa Melayu

upsr 2010:BM(karangan):Bahagian A:Gambar-perkhemahan.Bahagian B-Aku sebiji pemadam,laporan hari sukan,kebaikan komputer.

Trial Physics Paper III Kedah SPM 2010

Diameter of wire & resistance,separation of 2 coherent sources & distance between 2 consecutive antinode of the interference pattern of water wave,light(object distance),distance of two speaker & loudness of sound,archimedes.experiment:inertia,electricity