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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

For whom are answer ‘Step by Wicked Step’

SPM 2013 – English Language 1119/2 Additional Notes to answer question 33

The form 5 students are taking the SPM 2013. Here, Sir Henry would like to add some extra notes regarding Question 33. Please note that this is only applicable for students who are doing the novel entitled ‘Step by Wicked Step’. 
1.Richard Clayton Harwick – running away from home
-mother dies of broken heart
-Sacrifices of an innocent life – Charlotte Harwick vs Charles Devere
-Ruins his own family – Mr  Coldstone gets angry as money slips away steadily. Richard comes back home to an empty, silent hall
 2. Colin – when he and his mother leave Jack and their apartment for good
- Has to move to a new school with new friends  – does not have friends
-Colin has to work to earn money – does 3 paper rounds, accept money over Christmas presents and birthday presents
-Misses Jack a lot and it makes him stay awake late at night memorising his good time with Jack
1.One should make a wise decision – Richard
i. mother dies of broken heart
ii. Sacrifices of an innocent life – Charlotte Harwick vs  Charles Devere
iii. Ruins his own family – Mr Coldstone gets angry as money slips away steadily. Richard comes back home to an empty, silent hall
 2. One should be determined when wanting something – Colin
i.Writng letter to Jack, keeps it as  a secret in case mother knows and throws it away  (even though he doubts Jack still lives there)
ii.Has to work extra to earn money
iii.Determined to go out when he is big enough and when the money is enough to find Jack
1. Colin – misses his father Jack very much
i.Writes letter
ii.Works part time
iii.Waits patiently – until the money is enough and he is big enough
 2. Pixie – wants her room by herself
i.Ghost story
ii.Semi-silent treatment
iii.Aks Hetty many Mathematics questions
1.Family problems
-Richard hates his stepfather
-Pixie cannot tolerate with her step sisters
-Colin cannot help but missing his step father Jack
 2. A divorce affects children the most
-Claudia cannot decide whom she would side when her parents divorce.
-Richard cannot accept Mr Coldstone as his step father as he loves his father
-Colin misses his step father a lot
 3. Toleration among family members leads to a happy family
-Claudia shows off the green pyjamas to Dad’s friends during dinner
-Pixies socialises more with her new family
-Robbo manages to convince everyone that Callie needs to stay away from The Beard, Roy,  and Mum accepts the fact that the family members cannot get along together 

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