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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ramalan CONTINUOUS & Directed WRITING (B.I) SPM 2013

How to Lead a Stress-free Life
     In recent years, life has become more stressful than it has ever been. Many people are suffering from stress-related problems. Stress results from a variety of aspects of the modern life such as the development of the modern world at a very high speed and population growth. However, there are several ways to lead a healthier and more stress-free life.

     While quick fixes can make a difference, sometimes we have to make bigger changes in life to deal with stress. Keeping our bodies healthy can help us to bounce back from stress more quickly and it also has a great impact on our mental stress level and health.

     Here are some ways to lead a stress-free life. Firstly, do exercises regularly. Do something to get our blood pumping. Jog, run, swim, hike, climb rocks, swim, do aerobics or yoga - the options are endless. Just be beware of the competitive sports if we tend to become angry when playing to win. Pick a sport to help us relax, not increase our stress.

     Secondly, we can adopt a hobby. We need to have an activity that is strictly for our own pleasure. This could be dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, shopping... Again, the options are endless.

     Thirdly, we must eat healthily. Remember "what you eat is who you are" and sticking to a healthy diet helps to keep our bodies strong. We must eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and drink more water so that we will have enough energy to overcome stress. However, try not to make our eating habits another stressful part of our lives.

     Besides, it is important for us to sleep regularly and get enough sleep. Each person has different sleeping needs. Once we know how many hours we need to sleep at night, try to stick to a regular sleep schedule. Then, we can also learn and practise some relaxation techniques, such as making funny faces,  to help us relax.

     Apart from that, it is also very important for us to keep the negative thoughts away as such thoughts will always tear down our self-confidence. Lastly, we can try keeping a fixed schedule each day such as getting up and going to bed at a certain time daily. Do not eat our lunch or dinner to late or too early as having meals at irregular hours is not good for health.

     In brief, stress is caused by many things and it will continue to increase. It is the responsibility of the society, government, corporations and individuals to take steps so as to minimize its impact.

A Letter of Complaint

Directed Writing
As the secretary of the Residents' Association, write a letter of complaint to the Manager of the Local Town Council to complain about the presence of stray dogs in your area.

Marissa Tan,
Residents' Association of Taman Perdana,
75200 Melaka.

Datuk Lee Tiang Beng,
Malacca Town Council,
75150 Melaka.                                                             5 SEPTEMBER 2013

Dear Sir,

Complaint Regarding Stray Dogs In The Area

I, as the secretary of the Residents' Association of Taman Perdana, would like to make a complaint on behalf of the residents of Taman Perdana about the presence of stray dogs in our area and seek a quick solution to our problem.

2.   Recently, there has been a sudden increase in the population of stray dogs in our neighbourhood. Vicious-looking dogs roam the neighbourhood in packs and this phenomenon is causing terror to spread amongst the residents.

3.   It is not only the sight of the dogs that are frightening the people, but also the reported cases of residents being bitten and chased. Five people, so far, have been attacked by the stray dogs and three are currently in the hospital for treatment. Some of the dogs look infected and diseased and I fear they may spread terrible diseases like rabies to the residents.

4.   Aside from bodily harm, the stray dogs also ruin the cleanliness and neatness of Taman Perdana. The hungry wild dogs frequently mess up the rubbish in the rubbish bins by knocking them over and tearing the plastic bags used to hold the trash. Not only is it making the roads and alleys dirty and smelly, but such occurrences also attract flies, rats and other pests. Lastly, the children are afraid to use the playground facilities for fear of being attacked. The stray dogs constantly hang around the playground like they are seeking victims.

5.   I sincerely hope that you will consider our problem seriously and that the Town Council will soon provide us with relief. I am grateful for your attention in reading this letter.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Residents' Association of Taman Perdana,

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