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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Novel: Catch Us If You Can (HOT Question) SPM (BI)

Bil. Questions (Task)
1. Character you like best (Character)
2. Event that teaches you an important moral lesson (Moral value)
3. Character you sympathize with (Character)
4. Memorable event (Event)
5. Love is important in a family. How is shown in the novel you have read? (Moral value)
6. The main character’s determination (Character)
7. Character in the novel that you look up to (Character)
8. What happens at the end of the Novel. Why the ending is either happy or sad. (Plot)
9. A character who has to make a difficult decision. Did he make the right decision? (Character)
10. Which part of the story do you like most? (Plot)
11. Event that make you angry. (Event)

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