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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ramalan Kertas 2 & 3 Biologi SPM 2013

Paper 2
F4 C4 Factors affecting enzyme activities (pH / temperature)
F4 C6 human digestion , assimilation in liver  & absorption in ileum, digestion in ruminant (cow / rabbit), photosyntesis mechanism and factors affect the rate of photosynthesis (light intensity / concentration of carbon dioxide)
F4 C7 anaerobic respiration-yeast, tracheal system (insect) / respiration mechanism of fish / frog
F4 C5 meiosis-crossing over / independent assortment (Cancer, Tissue culture)
F4 C8 colonisation & succession of mangrove / mining pond / nitrogen cycle
F5 C5 Inheritance / differences in between continuous  variation & discontinuous
F4 C2 living processes of protozoa (amoeba / paramecium)
F5 C2 movement of bird / frog / insect
F5 C3 reflex action , osmotic regulation / thermoregulation, auxin
F.5 C4 menstrual cycle & negative feedback mechanism, double fertilisation
F.4 C.9 air pollution / greenhouse effect / acid rain
 F.4 C.3 movement of substance across semi permeable membrane / osmosis
F.5 C.1 immunity (active / passive), blood clotting mechanism, blood circulation of fish / frog
Paper 3
F4 C6 Vitamin C / caloric 
F4 C4 Factors affecting enzyme activities
F4 C7 anaerobic respiration-yeast
F4 C8 capture, mark, release, recapture / quadrate sampling
F4 C9 air pollution / BOD
F5 C6 inheritance / Variation
F5 C4 growth of  insect / seed

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