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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ramalan subtopik percubaan kimia dan biologi spm 2013

Tips for Chemistry Trial SPM 2013

Section A - redox reaction, rate of reaction, electrolysis, electrochemistry (chemical cell) , describe the formation chemical bond, heat of neutralisation, empirical formula, acid bases titration 
Section B - periodic table , chemical bond , manufactured substances , thermochemistry ( heat of neutralization) , carbon compound

Tips for Biology Trial SPM 2013
synapse (reflex arc), auxin hormone (tropism-shoot n root), nephrone (urine formation), gametogenesis n ovulation, monohybrid / dihybrid, genetic engineering, type of variation, causes of mutation

Essay - growth of insect (edysis- stair-shaped)

Paper 3 - potometer (light intensity @ air movement)

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