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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Transfer from September Spot B.I PMR 2013

Ramalan B.Inggeris  PMR 2013
  1. Write a letter to your friend and tell him what he can do to save Earth. (Informal Letter)
  2. Write an article entitled ‘Precautions against Dengue Fever’ / Healthy Eating Habits. (Article)
  3. As the chairperson committee, you have been asked to prepare a report of raising fund for purchasing new computers in the school magazine. (Report)
  4. Describe and explain to your friend who is studying overseas how to make home-made soya milk. (Processes and Procedures)
Picture Composition
  1. Describe what happened in the village after the floods.
  2. How to prevent air pollution?
Speech-Healthy living
Opinion-Studying in a boarding school is better than studying in a day school
-          Character / Event
-          Moral value

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