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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tips Sharing for Physics SPM 2012

1. Elasticity , E = 1/2 kx2 , Calculation of extension of spring
2. inertia , understand mass relate to inertia, concept of inertia
3. Pressure with height and density, must go through thistle funnel and different density of liquid
4. Archimedes Principle, Fb = pgv, mg = pgv
5. Bernoulli;s principle
6. Specific heat capacity with low for best conductor and high specific for prevent heating up of temperature,
this will follow with thermal equilibrium
7. Gas law – Boyle and charles law
8. refraction and total internal reflect, must understand angle for refraction and total internal reflect
9. Understand lambda = ax/D, relate the variable involve
10. electricity for resistance depend on length and area cross sectional.
11. Transistor with LDR, thermistor , alarm and speaker with understand on value of resistance for the function
12. Electromagnetic with understand of RIGHT HAND Fleming rule with relationship to galvanometer
13. Radioactive for half life extrapolation of graph , cloud chamber with understand the use of dry ice.

In essay write in table for modification and decision making answer for 10 marks. Explanation, please give 4- 5 points of statements of the concepts of the questions.
In comparison, quote the Diagram number to compare and NOT explain the diagram.
ALL ANSWER in calculation must in 2 decimal places.

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