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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tips & Predictions Chemistry SPM 2012

Paper  2
Section A
Q1. Periodic Table, Isotopes(Usage)
Explain Electronegativity across the period
Explain why Group 18 is stable (Explain)
Reactivity of Group 17 with Iron (Set up of apparatus, observation, equation)

Q2. Medicine, Analgesics(paracetamol), Antibiotics (penicillin, streptomycin), Functions & Side Effect
Food Additives, Preservative(Sodium Nitrite), Flavouring Agents(Ethyl Ethanoate, Aspartame), Dyes (Sunset Yellow), Letchitin, Soap and Detergent.

Q3. Carbon Compound, Flow Chart
Hydrogenation, Esterification (Formation of Ester and Naming)
Dehydration(porcelain chips, set Up of Apparatus)
Draw Isomers, Homologous Series

Q4. Define Molecular Formula and Empirical Formula
Calculation for MgO(Crucible) and CuO(Combustion Tube)
Safety Precautions
Calculation for Decomposition of CaCO3

Q5. Neutralisation, Colour change of indicator
Calculation NaOH + HCl
Use of pipette and burette
Strong Acid and Weak Acid according to concentration

Q6. Heat of Displacement, Calculation
Change in Heat Energy, Energy Level Diagram,
Temperature Increase, Definition
Precautionary Steps

Section B & C
Q7. Electrical conductivity of two substances
Electrolysis of Sodium Chloride Solution (Diluted & Concentrated)
Voltaic Cell, Mg & Cu, Zn & Cu, Half Equations, Full Ionic Equations

Q8. Show Redox Reaction using Oxidation Number
Rusting of Iron, Draw Diagram, Half Equations,
Sacrifical Protection, Explain, Observations, Experiment

Q9. Preparation of Soluble Salt ZnSO4 or CuSO4
Test Anions and Cations Zn2+, NO3-, Pb2+, SO42-
Construct Ionic Equations with Insoluble Salt

Q10.  Rate of Reaction, Collision Theory
Sodium Thiosulphate solution with HCl, factor is Temperature
Experiment, Graph to calculate Instantaneous reaction
Contact Process

Paper  3
- Hardness of Alloy and Pure Metal, Measure Diameter, Operational Definitions, Inference
- Voltaic Cell, Electrochemical Series, Inference, Hypothesis     

Q2. Heat of Combustion of Alcohol, Graph, Predict Value, Explanation

-Compare Solubility of Salts, Carbonate, Chloride, Sulphate, Nitrate
-Sacrificial Protection Fe+Mg Fe+Cu Fe only, Rusting of Iron Nails
-Compare elasticity of Vulcanised Rubber and Unvulcanised Rubber