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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ramalan Tajuk Esei Fizik SPM 2016 (Kurang atau tiada langsung ciri diberikan)

1.Using suitable physics concept, explain how the front bumper and airbag of a car helps the driver to minimise the injury.

2.As the Technical Director of Bungee Jumping Club, you are required to give suggestions to the Bungee Jumping Association engineer to ensure maximum safety requirement is prepared at the new bungee site which has 200 m height.
State and explain the suggestion based on the following aspects
(a)Material of the safety cord
(b)Safety attire

3.A vehicle’s shock absorber that used to reduce the effect of traveling over rough road.
Explain how the shock absorber able to absorb and damp shock impulses.

4.The spring balance is less sensitive.Using appropriate physics concepts, explain the use of suitable equipment to design a higher sensitivity spring balance. Your answer may include aspects like pinion gear, elasticity of spring and others.

5.A baseball player waving his bat with full strength when receiving the ball from the opponent. This action is called ‘follow through’. By applying a physics concept, explain how ‘follow through’ can increase the impulse action on the ball.

6. In Downhill Bike Challenge will be held in Teluk Chempedak, you are required to give some suggestions to enable a cyclist to ride the bicycle safely at higher speed.
Using your knowledge on forces and motion and properties of materials, explain your suggestions based on the following aspects:
(i) the mass of the bicycle
(ii) the type of material for the body of the bicycle
(iii) the width of the tyre in contact with the road surface
(iv) the type of the braking system
(v) the attire or accessories of the cyclist

7.While driving on a hot day, you may see a mirage on the road.Explain briefly how this phenomenon occurs?

8.A LCD projector is a device that can be used to display information or video onto a screen surface with magnified image.You are required to modify the design so that the LCD projector is more efficient and to form a brighter and clearer image. State and explain the modifications based on the following aspects:
(i) Type of the projection lens
(ii) Surface of the reflector
(iii) Power of the bulb
(iv) Distance between LCD projector to the screen
(v) Type of material of the LCD projector.

9. A diver is swimming underwater. While swimming he could see a bird flying above the water and a fish swimming behind a big rock. With the aid of ray diagrams, explain how the diver is able to see the (i) image of the fish (ii) image of the bird

10.A magnifying glass is used to observe the body structure of a housefly. However the magnifying glass is not suitable for observing the tissues of the housefly.
You are required to improve the capability of the magnifying glass so that it can be used to observe the tissues of the housefly clearly and accurately.
State and explain the improvement based on the number of lenses, the focal length of lenses, the position of object and other extra features needed to observe the tissues clearly.

11.A building with a lightning conductor. The function of the lightning conductor is to attract lightning towards it. In order to increase the chances of lightning striking the lightning conductor, some radioactive substance is sometimes placed at the tip of the lightning conductor. The radioactive substance will emit radiations which ionize the air around it. The ions provide a conducting region in the air and this will help attract the lightning bolt.

12.The yard stick is not an efficient instrument to warn the surrounding villagers of the rising water level.
Using the knowledge on wave and appropriate physics concept, modify the warning system so that the system is able to warn many villagers of the uprising water level. In your modification, include frequency, loudness and other relevant aspects so that it becomes an efficient warning system.

13.An automatic car key used in the ‘transmitter door lock’ or TDL. The system enables to unlock all four doors of the vehicle and unlock it again with one button.
You are required to determine the most suitable types of an automatic key detecting system in cars. Explain the suitability of each characteristic. Determine the most suitable. Give reasons for your choice.

14.In broadcasting, radio wave is used in communication for domestic area. Explain why radio waves is better than sound wave for communication.

15.The location of housing area. The residents of housing area at P receive clearer television signal compare to the residents of housing area at Q where it is located behind the hill.
As a researcher, you are required to give suggestions about the modifications of television signal from broadcasting station so that the residents of housing area at Q are enable to receive better signal.
State and explain the modification based on the following aspects:
(i) the frequency of the signals
(ii) the location of the transmitter
(iii) the number of the transmitter
(iv) the strength of the signals
(v) the distance between two transmitters

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