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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

gila-gila baca saja fizik spm sure out

energy-throw iron ball
impulsive force
newton's second law
free fall/lift/pulley
fuel tank lorry-inertia
high jump/long jump
water rocket/space rocket
balanced force,tension of rope
3.bernoulli's principle
bunsen burner/modify plane
pascal's principle(hydraulic jack)
buoyant force(submarine)/archimedes' principle
hot air balloon/sucker pump
wheelbarrow/modify yatch
4.specific heat capacity-thermometer mercury
charles' law-bourdon gauge
pressure law
food keeping fridge
latent heat
5.reflection of light
convex mirror(shop corner)
dentist mirror
total internal reflection/mirage
optical fibre
projector slide/torchlight
apparrent depth&real depth
6.ripple tank-coherant
ultrasonic(scan baby)
parabolic disc(signal receiver airport)
sonar(detect depth&fish)
7.lighted candle between +ve charge terminal & -ve charge terminal,fire split
ohm's law
parallel&series circuit
8.What is Transformer?
calculate efficiency,power loss,current
Ideal transformer
circuit breaker
modify ammeter
microphone/dinamo bicycle
relay switch/earpiece of telephone
dc motor
national grid network
9.what is cathode ray?
thermionic emission
function x&y plate
diode(forward&reverse biased)
fire alarm(modify to function more effective)
LED&relay switch circuit
advantage&meaning of logic gate
10.what is radioisotope?
GM Tube
Pipe leakage
half-life(check the water in tank cause by radioactive,when the people can use the water safely after few days)
nuclear reactor

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